Porto Symphony Orchestra takes over Tchaikovski's integral at Casa da Música – Showbiz

Porto Symphony Orchestra takes over Tchaikovski's integral at Casa da Música - Showbiz

The House of Music highlights it as “one of the best examples of Tchaikovski's masterful art of orchestration”, as a work that crosses the idea of ​​destiny, traveling between “the melancholy of the evening and the illusion of inner peace, in a joyful folk festival. "

The program “Variations on Tchaikovski” starts at 21:00 on the 27th, at Sala Suggia, and opens with “Fun K.136”, one of the most recognized pieces of this genre, by Mozart.

Next is also Russian Anton Arensky, with the title of the concert, written a year after Tchaikovski's death, as a tribute form based on the “Legend: Christ in His Garden”, one of 16 “Children's Songs” ”From his countryman.

Before the Fourth Symphony, Estonian Arvo Pärt's play “Fratres” is performed, written for strings and percussion and whose sequential progression has been used in several films, such as Paul Thomas Anderson's “There Will Be Blood,” “The Essence of Love” by Terrence Malick and “The Club” by Pablo Larraín.

The Symphony returns to the Fourth Tchaikovski Symphony on Sunday, the 29th, at a 12:00 am family concert, with only the work of the Russian composer, and comments by Rui Pereira, coordinator of the Symphony Orchestra, programmer and assistant director of the House from music.

Tchaikovski is one of the most prominent names in late romanticism, and many of his compositions are today among the most frequently performed by orchestras worldwide, though not initially well received by critics.

It was marked by an education of Western culture and the late discovery of Russian tradition. He had Mozart as his favorite composer and was eventually a reference of a generation of musicians, also being the first in Russia to devote himself exclusively to composition.

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