Portugal among the most popular destinations for Britons for summer holidays

Portugal among the most popular destinations for Britons for summer holidays

Portugal was one of the most sought after tourist destinations by the British in the last few hours, after the Government's announcement to ease the confinement in force in England due to the covid-19, although flights with the United Kingdom remain banned.

Air carriers easyJet and Jet2.com both announced that they had seen a 600% increase in demand for vacation packages in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece, although Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not put forward a date for him to leave it is forbidden to travel abroad without valid justification.

In the published plan it is written that the ban on travel abroad and restrictions on entry into the UK will continue at least until 17 May, but Johnson expects to receive a report until 12 April with measures to allow air traffic to resume.

One way may be an internationally recognized system of covid-19 vaccine passports, which the United Kingdom intends to advance during this year's G7 presidency, although the British Prime Minister has recognized that the idea raises "complex" ethical issues .

"There are deep and complex issues that we need to explore, ethical questions about what is the Government's role in demanding that everyone has something or even forbidding people to do such a thing," he admitted today.

In the plan, the Government admits "trying to introduce a system that allows vaccinated individuals to travel internationally with greater freedom", but also states that "any such system will take time to be implemented" and that it will depend on studies on the effectiveness of vaccines and immunization is widespread.

In addition to banning holidays or traveling without a valid reason abroad, 33 countries including Portugal are without direct flights to the United Kingdom due to the increased risk of transmission of variants of the virus that causes covid-19, especially those detected in Brazil and South Africa.

There are also a number of other restrictions on international travel, including three tests and a mandatory ten-day quarantine, which must be carried out at a hotel designated by the authorities and paid for by people arriving from the 33 “red list” countries.

The deconfination plan for England has four stages at least five weeks apart and subject to several factors, starting with the reopening of schools on March 8 and culminating in the end of almost all restrictions on June 21.


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