Portugal and Brazil toy exhibition seen by 30,000 people in São Paulo – Showbiz

Portugal and Brazil toy exhibition seen by 30,000 people in São Paulo - Showbiz

Taking stock of the first assembly of “Perambular”, announced that the opening in Bauru will be on September 18 and that, as in Jundiaí, visits of people of all ages are expected.

“The Portuguese language plays and wanders in nature, in objects and toys, with animals, inside stories, of bags, in our inventive and poetic hat. It spreads around the world and we want to tell in another way these achievements, mainly coming from the look of childhood, playing with the world and words, ”said the actress.

Quotes Alberto Caeiro, regarding the “eternal child” that Fernando Pessoa's heteronym “narrates so beautifully” in the book “The keeper of the herds”.

“Playfulness is a human need that we carry all our lives”, in his opinion.

“The exhibition, besides the objects, brings a special place to the word, therefore, a look at the language and how it manifests itself on both sides of the Atlantic. This is asphalt, then tar. Here the roadside, there berma ”, explains, in turn, José Santos, curator assistant, also countering the examples“ mosquitoes and leggings, viralates and mongrel dogs, juice and juice, persimmons and persimmons, styrofoam and styrofoam ”, among other terms .

The writer emphasizes that “the list is long and fun”, which shows that “the Portuguese language is richer than it seems, as its lexicon expands in every country where it leaves its seed, whether in Brazil or Angola, Cape Verde or Timor-Leste ”.

The exhibition is promoted by the Social Service of Commerce (SESC) of Brazil, both in Jundiaí and Bauru, where it can be seen between September 18 and December 15.

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