Portugal and Cape Verde agree that "it is time" for CPLP to move forward in mobility – The Economic Journal

Portugal and Cape Verde agree that "it is time" for CPLP to move forward in mobility - The Economic Journal

At a time when Cape Verde holds the presidency of the CPLP and Portugal's executive secretariat, António Costa stressed that the two countries have "a very strong ambition" that this mandate "be marked by an advance of a project on residence and mobility between citizens ".

"It is time, beyond the excellence of political cooperation and important economic relationship, to make solid progress in establishing this CPLP project in the daily lives of our citizens. There is nothing better to do than the program for mobility, "Costa said at the joint press conference that followed the V Portugal-Cape Verde Summit in Lisbon.

Cape Verde's prime minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva, said he shared the same goals and left a note of hope.

"I think it is this time that we have to get the mobility project out to give content to the community and to fulfill citizens' expectations regarding the CPLP," he said, considering that the ministerial meeting in the area of ​​Internal Administration, which will be held in Cape Verde, could take a "significant step" in this matter.

António Costa also hoped that "as soon as possible" it would be possible to eliminate visas for Cape Verdean citizens visiting the European Union.

Of the ten cooperation agreements signed today, the Prime Minister stressed the bilateral instruments in the area of ​​education, considering that they are part of the dynamic that has been winning the Portuguese school in Cape Verde, which started in the 2016/2017 school year with 57 students and is already in 400.

"Soon we will be able to meet the challenge we set ourselves: to inaugurate the second phase of expansion of the school until the 12th year," he said.

In the economic field, Costa said that Portuguese companies "have been following with great interest" the ongoing privatization program in Cape Verde, particularly in infrastructure.

"We note the interest shown by Cape Verde in reinforcing the investment of Portuguese companies, particularly in the development of the tourism sector. We will do everything to raise this interest of our companies, "he said.

The prime minister of Cape Verde stressed the good economic relationship between the two countries, but stressed that the type of cooperation with Portugal – more focused on institutional training and qualification of human resources – is what makes countries grow.

"It's worth much more than financial packages," said Ulisses Correia e Silva.

António Costa also took a very positive view of the results of the Fifth Summit, saying that "a reason for satisfaction" is that the two countries always leave with "new ideas and new tracks" for the future.

The sixth bilateral summit was scheduled for 2021 in Cape Verde.

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