Portugal and Cape Verde highlight 10 June symbolism and mark VI Summit for 2021 – The Economic Journal

Portugal and Cape Verde highlight 10 June symbolism and mark VI Summit for 2021 - The Economic Journal

"The 6th Cape Verde Summit – Portugal will take place in 2021, in Cape Verde, at a date and place to be duly agreed by the diplomatic channel," said the statement coming out of the V Portugal-Cape Verde Summit, which ends today in Lisbon.

In the text, the two countries stressed that part of this year's celebrations of the Day of Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities "will be held in parallel in the city of Portalegre, Portugal, and the Portuguese communities in Praia and Mindelo, Cape Verde "Considering this" a relevant symbolic moment that testifies to the excellence of the bilateral relationship that has been maintained at all levels "between the two countries.

The joint declaration agreed between Portugal's Prime Ministers António Costa and Cape Verde's Ulisses Correia e Silva highlights the role of the Cape Verdean communities in Portugal and Portugal in Cape Verde, which he points out as "an essential link between the two countries ".

"At the same time, they renewed their commitment to promote initiatives conducive to the full integration of their communities," said the text agreed between Portugal and Cape Verde.

Both countries welcome the results of the last CPLP summit in July last year on the island of Sal, and in particular with the reaffirmation by the Heads of State and Government that "mobility and movement in space of the Community constitute a privileged instrument for the progressive construction of a CPLP Citizenship ".

"In this context, they reaffirmed the commitment of the two countries to contribute actively to the ongoing work within the Organization towards achieving substantive progress," said the Fifth Summit's joint statement.

Portugal and Cape Verde also noted "the intensity of the economic relations between the two countries and welcomed the significant levels of investment recently achieved," noting the importance of the ongoing Privatization Program in Cape Verde and the launch of the International Business Center of Cape Verde. Cape Verde.

"They noted with appreciation the implementation of the Lusophone Compact with the African Development Bank and emphasized the commitment to the soon signing of the Specific Memorandum for Cape Verde, stressing the importance of its operationalization for strengthening bilateral economic cooperation and private investment in Cape Verde "Reads the joint statement of the Fifth Portugal-Cape Verde Summit.

As a result, Portugal and Cape Verde consider that "the Fifth Summit demonstrated the relevance of the strategic partnership between the two States and the excellence of bilateral relations, based on a wide and diversified cooperation."

"Under the motto 'Together in the Strategic Partnership for Inclusive Development', this Summit reflected the shared vision and common will of the two States to work towards the sustainable economic, social and human development of their societies, which stresses the importance of the 2017-2021 Strategic Cooperation Program as a guiding document for cooperation between Portugal and Cape Verde.

As for the Cape Verde-EU Special Partnership, the two countries "have committed to continue the work to reach new heights".

At the V Portugal-Cape Verde summit, the two countries signed 10 cooperation agreements to finance projects in the areas of education, health, public administration, justice or internal administration.

The two governments also reviewed the implementation of the Portugal-Cape Verde Strategic Cooperation Program 2017-2021, signed two years ago in the city of Praia, with a financial package in the order of 120 million euros.

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