Portugal articulates CAP strategy with Spain and France – The Economic Journal

Portugal articulates CAP strategy with Spain and France - The Economic Journal

The Secretary of State for Agriculture and Food, Luís Medeiros Vieira, took part in a trilateral meeting with the agriculture ministers of Estanha and França, on the sidelines of the first meeting of the Mixed Banana Committee.

"This meeting addressed the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy [PAC], taking into account the joint position taken by these three Member States at the outset of the process, "said a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Luís Medeiros Vieira, representing the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, stresses that "the three countries maintain a unanimous position in defense of maintaining the CAP budget in the framework of the negotiations".

According to the communiqué, Portugal has a set of four main objectives for this negotiation: the maintenance of the funds allocated to POSEI – Program of Specific Options for Remote and Insularity in the Outermost Regions (RUP), the program to support the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores; maintaining the level of support to farmers in the I Pillar of the CAP (direct aids); the maintenance of the level of support in the II Pillar (rural development) and a reduction of the national co-financing rate proposed by the European Commission.

"The first three objectives are already achieved, the last one depends to a large extent on the maintenance of the CAP budget, a position that mobilizes these three Member States, which have already joined more than 20," said the statement from the Ministry of Agriculture .

The Banana Mixed Committee, which includes Portugal, Spain and France, is also part of the Public Administration of the three countries, industry professionals and representatives of the OR.

This meeting was also attended by the Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

"The purpose of the Committee is to present proposals for financing the ORs, which are the banana producing regions, for a set of measures such as plant health, imports from third countries and the requirement that these countries comply with practices the promotion of bananas and the monitoring of prices, "the statement said.

The next meeting of the Banana Joint Committee will take place in Portugal next year.

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