Portugal can receive up to 35 people rescued from the Ocean Viking ship – Jornal Económico

Portugal is available to accommodate up to 35 people out of the 356 rescued by the humanitarian vessel Ocean Viking, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Thursday.

The humanitarian boat from the Médecins Sans Frontières and SOS Mediterranean organizations has rescued hundreds of migrants off the coast of Libya and has been awaiting permission to dock in a safe European port for 10 days. After the country and four other Member States (France, Germany, Luxembourg and Romania) agreed to receive some of these people, the European Commission made a public thanks.

The offices of Eduardo Cabrita and Augusto Santos Silva highlight the “gesture of humanitarian solidarity and the common desire to provide European solutions to the issue of migration and human tragedies in the Mediterranean,” in a statement on the ship on the canal. from Sicily, between Malta and Lampedusa.

As examples of other rescues in which the country participated, the two ministries point to Open Arms, Lifeline, Aquarius I, Diciotti, Aquarius II, Sea Watch III or Alan Kurdi. “Notwithstanding this always manifest solidarity availability, the Portuguese Government continues to defend an integrated, stable and permanent European solution to respond to the migration challenge”, it can be read in the same note.

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