Portugal has 56 vacancies, eight fewer than for Rio2016, 100 days from the start

IOC reiterates the Games and asks for “patience and understanding”

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Portugal has 56 quotas and qualified athletes for Tokyo2020, 100 days from the start of the Olympic Games, eight fewer than at the same time before the previous edition.

The unprecedented presence of Portuguese handball at the Olympic Games, which marks the 'official' debut of the team's collective sports, will be materialized in 14 squads, a quarter of the already qualified squad, and compensates, in some way, for the absence of football, that in Rio2016 took an entourage of 18.

Portugal has already ensured its presence in the competitions of 12 modalities, having the possibility of surpassing the 16 represented in Rio2016, with the advancement of qualifications in modalities such as judo, triathlon, skateboard, taekwondo and karate.

“Many saw their competitions postponed or canceled during the pandemic period. Qualification models are highly dependent on modality for modality. We have several with very comfortable ranking positions ”, Pedro Roque, sports director of the Olympic Committee of Portugal (COP), explained with the example of judo and triathlon.

Athletics has, for now, only 10 qualified, less than in the same period for Rio2016, when 19 presences were assured, and much less than the 30 for London2012, when there were still several with B minimums.

Marker João Vieira, in the 50 kilometers, must compete, at the age of 43, in the Games for the sixth time, only surpassed by the sailor João Rodrigues, repeating the participation as Patrícia Mamona, in the triple jump, and the marcher Ana Cabecinha, in the 20 kilometers .

In the entourage of Portuguese athletics, the recent champions of Europe on an indoor track stand out, cases of debutants Pedro Pablo Pichardo, of Cuban origin, in the triple jump, and Auriol Dongmo, in the weight throw, as well as the 'repeating' Patrícia Mamona .

In canoeing, Portugal has one more spot, seven in total, one of which in the slalom, by rookie Antoine Laynay (K1): for the rest, Fernando Pimenta (K1 1,000 meters) is one of the main medal candidates for Portugal and Teresa Portela is usual in the finals of the K1 200 explosives.

In K4 500 meters, Emanuel Silva, who is going to the fifth Olympic Games, and João Ribeiro are already experienced in these matches, while David Varela and Messias Baptista are going to the Games for the first time, in a vessel that is in the lot of those who must fight for the podium. .

The Portuguese-Brazilian Amazon Luciana Diniz competes, for the fourth time, in the jumping competition with obstacles and this time the equestrian entourage will have another trio, in teaching, after a quota guaranteed by Maria Caetano, Rodrigo Torres, João Miguel Torrão and Duarte Nogueira .

Alexis Santos and Diogo Carvalho, in the 200 meters styles, were the only sure swimmers for four years, but now they also have Tamila Holub and Diana Durães in the 1,500 freestyle, and Ana Catarina Monteiro in the 200 moth.

Also noteworthy is the return of rowing with Pedro Fraga, who had been eighth in Beijing2008 and fifth in London2012, missing Rio2016, always with Nuno Mendes: at 38, he returns to the Games, together with Afonso Costa in the Double Scull lightweight division.

Table tennis has one more element, with three forming the men's team, which should count on the repeated Marcos Freitas and Tiago Apolónia, while Fu Yu, who won the II European Games, represents Portugal again.

At the Olympic debut of surfing, Frederico Morais will fulfill his dream of being the best European in the 2019 Worlds.

João Paulo Azevedo returns the Olympic moat, shooting with hunting weapons.

Filipa Martins repeats participation in artistic gymnastics, however it is not certain that he has company in this specialty, as well as on the trampolines: if so, Portugal will lose three gymnasts.

In cycling, the Portuguese mission 'lost weight' an athlete, now with two places in the road race – both can participate in the time trial – and the debut Maria Martins on the track, a specialty that is also a novelty for Portugal, after its ninth place in the ranking in the omnium.

Jorge Lima and José Costa return to the 49er, but the Portuguese sailing fleet has one vacancy less, four, in a team that also has Diogo Costa and Pedro Costa in the 470 class.

From Friday to Sunday, the European judo events take place in Lisbon with “eight Portuguese athletes very much within the Olympic qualification” and who hope that Rodrigo Lopes or any other element of the categories below 73 will join them, so that the country can qualify the mixed team for the Games.

“If that happens, it will indeed be a remarkable and historic feat, because it is the debut of mixed teams in Tokyo. We will have the European vice-champion team in title defending themselves in an Olympic competition and trying to achieve a major result ”, wished Pedro Roque.

On Wednesday there are 100 days until the start of the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games, which will take place from July 23 to August 8, 2021.

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