Portugal Masters returns to Vilamoura in 2021

Portugal Masters returns to Vilamoura in 2021

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques, guaranteed the continuity of the Portugal Masters in golf at the Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course, in Vilamoura, after this year's edition, won by South African George Coetzee.

The governor wished that, in 2021, it would be possible for the public to return, as usual, in large numbers to the Algarve course, to celebrate the 15th edition of the most important Portuguese golf tournament.

“Thank you for all your efforts. The government will be with you again, here, next year. See you next year, ”said Rita Marques in her speech, at the award ceremony for the 14th Portugal Masters, which distributed 1 million euros in monetary prizes.

Later, in an interview with SportTV, he added that the importance of the event "is more than evident". “Unfortunately we didn't have an audience, but even so, we showed that it was possible to organize an event of this dimension, with this international projection, in a way that is not only safe but also pleasant for everyone. It was an exemplary organization and we feel motivated to be able to host this event for the year, with even greater projection. We will have an even better experience in 2021 and prove why we are an extraordinary tourist destination, also in golf ”, he added.

The Portugal Masters is televised all over the world and attracts more than 35 thousand spectators every year, the overwhelming majority foreigners, with a record of 40,177 tickets in 2012.

As for television broadcasts, European Tour Productions estimates a total of direct or deferred hours close to 1,800 hours, with a potential audience of more than half a million homes reached.

Meanwhile, the European Tour announced the allocation of a total of 50 thousand euros to three social solidarity institutions, under the «Golf for Good» program, also carried out at the Dom Pedro Victoria Golf Course last week.

Existir, designated by Vilamoura World (Portugal Masters partner), APEXA, nominated by Turismo de Portugal, and EDGA (European Disabled Golf Association), which holds the status of official social solidarity institution for the Portugal Masters, each received 16,666 euros.

The program consisted of allocating 200 euros for each "birdie" made by the stars of the European professional circuit that competed in the Algarve, as well as 500 euros for each "eagle" and one thousand euros for each "albatross", the so-called "hole in one".

Over the course of the tournament, 158 birdies, 13 eagles and 1 albatross took place, bringing the amount to 39,100 euros, but the European Tour invested the rest so that the donation was rounded up to 50,000 euros.

Since the start of the «Golf for Good» program – this was the eighth week – 872,819 euros have been raised to support various social causes in local economies.

The three social solidarity institutions that benefited from the Portugal Masters donation promote social inclusion in different ways and benefit the citizens of their local communities, but also have actions across the entire national territory.


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