Portugal one of the countries that more taxes paid in the electricity bill – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Portugal one of the countries that more taxes paid in the electricity bill - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

In our country, more than half of the bills billed in the bill of light are imposed. Portugal is far from the EU country where it pays less for electricity.

The tax burden that electricity companies charge on a monthly basis, for the electric supply that comes to the house of Portuguese families, has been a matter of the present time, since within the European Union, only Dinarmarca is ahead of Portugal with regard to the rates and taxes paid at the end of the month.

Above the European average, which stands at 37%, it joins Denmark (55%) and Portugal (54%), Germany where the tax burden on light billing is around 53%. It should be borne in mind that, contrary to what is happening here, in Dinarmarca and in Germany, purchasing power, due to high wages, may influence the charging of a higher tax burden. However, in the opposite direction, it is the eastern countries, such as Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, where they pay less for electricity, with 17% and 18% of taxes. To complete the podium of the countries where there is less pay, Malta comes in first, with a much lower rate (6%).

Unlike electricity, in natural gas, there was one of the highest declines in the European Union, with a 25% tax burden on the natural gas bill, far behind countries like Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Recently it was approved by the Council of Ministers, starting from 1 July, the reduction of VAT from 23% to 6%. However, this reduction will only be applied in the fixed power term up to 3.45kWh. The measure will favor around 3 million electricity contracts and 1.4 million natural gas contracts. This number may increase, as the Government has advised households to reduce contracted power in order to increase the number of beneficiaries of this measure.

The VAT reduction on the invoice for these services will cover all customers with active energy contracts in all electric companies in the national territory, including the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira, where the reduction is reduced to 4% and 5% respectively . For any further information, consumers may contact your company via the telephone or the telecommunications service.

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