Portugal revalues ​​European beach soccer title

Portugal revalues ​​European beach soccer title

The National Beach Soccer Team won this Sunday, in Nazaré, the European Championship for the second consecutive year and the seventh in its history, having the Team of Quinas beat Switzerland in the last round of the Superfinal of the European League, by 5-4 , with three more points than the Swiss set.

With regard to the meeting, the battle was intense. The game that started with Rui Coimbra in the 'opening five', was very divided, almost always with Portugal having an advantage and with Switzerland reacting. Léo Martins (4 ') and André Lourenço (10') scored in the 1st Period. Léo Martins (14 ') and Belchior (17') scored in the 2nd half. Léo Martins (34 ') scored the decisive goal that undid the equality and that gave the title to Portugal. Ott (9 '), Stankovic (15' and 16 ') and Elliot (20') scored the goals for Switzerland.

Elinton Andrade was considered the best goalkeeper in the competition and Léo Martins won the award for best player. Stankovic (Switzerland) was the best scorer.

Coach Mário Narciso in direct speech

“This game was a final. We are already used to these games with Switzerland which are always very balanced, always end with a difference of 1 or 2 goals and there are always many goals. We have even had games in which one team is winning by 3 or 4 goals difference and the other team has recovered. Here we were winning by two goals and they recovered, so they are always games of many emotions. Fortunately it fell to our side and I am very satisfied with that. Switzerland is a very complicated opponent, has a goalkeeper who plays very well with his feet and when they have the ball there are five players for four of us. There has to be a great spirit of mutual assistance to be able to do the dubbing and I believe that is what happened. We managed to ‘kill’ most of their plays and we won. ”

“If the players did not have the motivation they still have, they would not come to the team that I didn’t call them. They have the advantage of being very experienced and remain motivated. ”

“We have a lot of youngsters emerging and there were several players appearing, such as Pinhal, Batalha, André, Rúben… But to speak of Madjer is to speak of a player who was considered the best player in the world several times. Of course, it is not easy for us to close these losses, but with this youth, with work and with the quality of them they have, we will try to mitigate Madjer's departure, but it is not easy ”

"We thank Canal 11 for the recognition they are having for beach football and for the visibility they are giving to our sport"

Match Sheet: European League Super League 2020

Nazaré, Portugal
Viveiro Stadium – Jordan Santos

5th round

1st Referee: Saverio Bottalico (Italy)
2nd Referee: Csaba Baghy (Hungary)
3rd Referee: Attila Balint (Romania)
Timekeeper: António Almeida (Portugal)

PORTUGAL 5-4 SWITZERLAND (2-1 in the 1st P: 4-4 in the 2nd P and 5-4 in the 3rd P)

Portugal (initial five): Elinton Andrade, Rui Coimbra, André Lourenço, Bê Martins and Léo Martins
They also played: Tiago Petrony, Bruno Torres, Tiago Batalha, Belchior (Cap.), Rúben Brilhante, Rodrigo Pinhal, João Gonçalves ‘Von’
Coach: Mário Narciso
Goals: 1st Period: Léo Martins (4 ') and André Lourenço (10'); 2nd Period: Léo Martins (14 ') and Belchior (17'); 3rd Period: Léo Martins (34 ')
Discipline: Bê Martins (10 ') is shown a yellow card

Switzerland (initial five): Eliott, Spacca, Tobias Steinemann, Dejan Stankovic (Cap.) And Noel Ott,
They also played: Tiago da Costa, Glenn Hode, Jan Ostgen, Angelo Wuest and Kevin Wandji.
Coach: Angelo Schirinzi
Goals: 1st Period: Ott (9 '); 2nd Period: Stankovic (15 'and 16') and Elliot (20 ')
Discipline: Steinemann yellow card (36 ') and red for Stankovic (36')


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