Portugal secures six Olympic and one Paralympic spots in canoeing worlds

Portugal secures six Olympic and one Paralympic spots in canoeing worlds

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Portugal finished today canoeing world Hungary with the goal of six vacancies fulfilled for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, plus one more that will mark the debut of the sport in the Paralympic Games.

Fernando Pimenta came to Szeged sporting the K1 1000 and 5000 world titles, eventually winning the bronze medal in both categories: in the shortest distance, he was one of five to secure a presence in Japan.

With the two medals from Pimenta, Portugal was 19th in the world championship that brought together a record of 102 countries and 1,300 canoeists.

Noting a remarkable evolution last season, highlighting the K4 500 of Emanuel Silva, Joao Ribeiro, Messias Baptista and David Varela, first with qualification for the final and then with sixth place – ranked seven for Tokyo -, only 15ths of the bronze medal.

Rui Fernandes, took the crew a year ago, and, assured of success and given the proximity of the podium, the coach assumed that the medal could be within the reach of this crew.

Teresa Portela, who was focused on the K4 500, once again competed in the K1 200 medal watering, which she achieved with excellent competition but failed to take one of five places for Tokyo.

The fact that three of the five who beat her also made it into the top five of the K1 500 ends up freeing up the shortest distance, which benefits Portugal: this result should be ratified in the coming days.

On the negative side of the Portuguese performance, Joana Vasconcelos, Teresa Portela, Francisca Laia and Francisca Carvalho's K4 500, like neither final B – in which the first and second still aspire to the spot – arrived, after a disappointing ninth position in the your semi-final.

The youthful C2 1000 of Marco Apura and Bruno Afonso also fell short of their potential, being in eighth place in their semifinal: in the two races disputed, abdicated the result roughly in the middle of the race.

GNR Hélder Silva specializes in the 200 meters at C1, finishing eighth to a mere 57 cents of fourth, and in Szeged tried the 'impossible' in the 1000 meters, only a second away from reaching the semi-finals.

Vacancies to compete in 2020

In May 2020, in Duisburg, Germany, there are vacancies in K1 and K2, C1 and C2, and now it is time for the federation to decide the best strategy to thicken the lot of competitors for Japan, with less demand than the world. , compared to continental quotas: Europe is clearly where canoeing is strongest.

In the paracanoagem, highlight to Norberto Mourão, who was runner-up of the World Championship in VL2 200 meters and will debut the Paralympic Games.

Floriano Jesus was one place away from the KL1 final and the young Hugo Costa, with only three years of canoeing, went to the KL2 final B, both of which should try their luck in May 2020.

Results from Portugal – Portuguese Crews in Canoeing Worlds:

– 200 meters: K1 Teresa Portela – 8th, C1 Helder Silva – 8th.

– 500 meters: K4 Emanuel Silva, John Ribeiro, Messiah Baptist, David Varela – 6th.

K4 Teresa Portela, Joana Vasconcelos, Francisca Laia, Francisca Carvalho – Ninth in the semi-final.

– 1,000 meters: K1 Fernando Pimenta – bronze medal, C1 Hélder Silva – fifth in the qualifiers, C2 Marco Apura and Bruno Afonso – eighth in the semifinal.

– 5,000 meters: K1 Fernando Pimenta – Bronze Medal

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