Portugal stands out in the production of solar and wind energy

Portugal stands out in the production of solar and wind energy

The country is investing heavily in the area of ​​renewable sources, reaching a price of 11.14 euros MW-hour

Portugal is on the list of the 5 largest countries producing solar and wind energy, alongside Denmark, Ireland, Uruguay and the United Kingdom, according to a news item published by Portal Solar, which we had access to.

To reach this position, Portugal has been making a major investment in the area of ​​renewable energies, reaching a new world record, with a price of 11.14 euros MW-hour (MW / h) in the fixed price mode, and thus surpassing the record set last year, which was 14.76 euros per MW / h. The price charged at MIBEL (Iberian Electricity Market) in recent months has fluctuated between 40 and 45 euros per MW / h.

Hanwha Q-Cells was the big winner of the second solar auction, which took place on August 24th and 25th, both in number of lots (six) and in awarded capacity (total of 315 MW).
Within this scenario of solar energy production, Denmark is the world leader with 55% of the total, Portugal stands out in the fourth place in the ranking with 28%. In second place is Ireland (33%), followed by Uruguay (32%) and, finally, the United Kingdom (28%).

According to El País, CO2 emissions from the energy sector fell 1.5% last year compared to the bet on renewable energy. With the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the European Union and the United States more than offset the sustained increase in China.

Renewable energies have been a strong bet for several countries, including Portugal. Taking into account last year's figures, electricity production using fossil energy (gas and coal) has reached historic lows. On the other hand, more and more wind and solar power plants are being installed, representing a strong bet by Portuguese officials in recent years.

According to recent data from Bloomberg NEF (New Energy Finance), last year alone 75% of the new installed energy capacity worldwide came from green sources. This means that only 25% was derived from fossil energy.

First country in Europe to have investment in unsubsidized solar power plants

The majority of the new plants installed (45%) were based on photovoltaic technology, thanks in large part to technological advances that have allowed to reduce production costs. The capture of solar energy continues to walk at a fast pace, being already the fourth largest source globally. However, still behind coal, gas and water, reveals the Jornal Económico.

For this year, there was the prospect of Portugal to triple the production of solar energy, maintaining the policy of continuing to invest in renewable energies. The objective was to make the licensing of another 1000 megawatts to be invested. This investment will be made at market price and without increasing costs for consumers, according to the Portuguese government.

Portugal is one of the countries involved in the largest solar energy purchase contract in the world, in an investment of more than 400 million euros, the country has an extraordinary sun and is the first country in Europe to have investment in non-subsidized solar plants, according to the Portuguese government.


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