Portugal Street View images to be updated with HD technology – Internet

Portugal Street View images to be updated with HD technology - Internet

Google has announced that it will collect new images for Street View in Portugal in order to update the information available on Google Maps. The collection will be made, for the first time in the country, with the new Street View cars, which incorporate cameras with HD technology. These cameras capture images of superior quality, presenting a better contrast of tone and color and greater sensitivity to light.

Google will collect 360º images in Portuguese cities and roads, both on the mainland and in the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, with the aim not only of renewing existing images but also of photographing places not covered in previous collections.

HD technology allows you to capture images in low light conditions, and two cameras have been added under the main camera system to capture images with better quality of street names, companies or addresses. With these cameras, it is possible to use neural network and machine learning for more accurate results.

Google guarantees that it is making a great effort to protect privacy. In this sense, before the publication of images says that it will blur the faces of people and car registrations that may appear. In addition, after publication, any user may request the removal of an image through the "report a problem" option.

You can find more information about Street View and details about where Google's cars are at any time on the website.

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