Portugal will work to consolidate institutional relationship with Canada – The Economic Journal

The Secretary of State for the Communities, José Luís Carneiro, was satisfied this Tuesday after the official visit to Canada, saying that he will work to "consolidate the strengthening of Canadian institutional relations".

"There is an effort to strengthen human resources in consular posts, modernization of services, an effort to strengthen Portuguese language and culture teaching and that there is a strengthening of institutional relations with the Canadian authorities that must continue in the future and that should consolidate, "he said.

The official spoke to the Lusa agency Monday night at the Alentejo House in Toronto in a meeting with the Portuguese community, before leaving for Lisbon.

José Luís Carneiro also promised that "it is for the consolidation of this work" that the Government will "naturally work and manifest all its availability".

The visit of the Secretary of State for Communities began on May 2 in Montreal in meetings with the local associative movement, passing through Kingston and Ottawa, where José Luis Carneiro had an important meeting with the Minister of Immigration Canada Ahmed Hussen .

The reinforcement of the human resources in the consulates in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal) with eight more employees is reason for satisfaction to the ruler.

"This effort has to continue because there has been a loss over the years of Canadian officials, some of whom are reaching retirement age, and it is necessary to prevent over time the need for their replacement," he said.

The increase in the validity of the citizen card from five to ten years and the new model of passport with a greater number of pages are tools "very positive" for the Portuguese communities abroad, he noted.

"These are two decisions that avoid travel, expenses and lost time when traveling to consular services," said José Luís Carneiro, adding that there are "some measures regarding the attribution of nationality to Portuguese children and grandchildren."

The amendments to the electoral law implemented in 2018, which will come into force as early as the European elections of May 26, with the automatic census, with an increase in voters to almost 1.5 million, is a reason for " ".

On Monday, the Secretary of State for Communities and the vice-president of the Toronto Municipal Council, the Portuguese-Canadian Ana Bailão, signed a memorandum of understanding between the Foreign Ministry and the City Council of Canada. Toronto, in an official recognition for the contribution made by the Portuguese community.

"The agreement that was established with the City of Toronto to open this institution to the sporting, cultural, recreational and political initiatives of the Portuguese community, stimulating a citizenship more committed to the life of the municipality of Toronto which is a very positive result," he said. he explained.

The official also highlighted the Saturday meeting with the Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen, highlighting the "openness to hold clarification sessions regarding the terms in which undocumented Portuguese citizens should seek regularization" and "opening of principle to find alternative solutions for citizens who are in the process of being deported. "

José Luís Carneiro will return to Canada next week, with meetings scheduled with the Portuguese community in the province of Alberta (west). According to data from the Canadian government, there are more than 480 thousand Portuguese and Portuguese descendants in the country.

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