Portuguese bloggers test and recommend Portimão for a refreshing and safe vacation

Portuguese bloggers test and recommend Portimão for a refreshing and safe vacation

Promotional campaign bets on social networks and targets the national and Spanish markets

Portimão is highly recommended by four of the most influential Portuguese bloggers, who have tested the advantages of this tourist destination and recommend it for a refreshing and fun vacation “here inside”, based on a keyword: security.

“Tested and Recommended Portimão” is a campaign jointly promoted by the Associação Turismo de Portimão (ATP) and the Municipality of Portimão, which bet on social networks to publicize the qualities of the municipality, under the careful point of view of influencers who together, they have large thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Aimed at people aged between 18 and 65 years and over and residing in the national territory and in Spain, the campaign is carried out essentially through the dissemination of short videos featuring Maria João Proença (travel blogger) André Parente (travel blogger) ), Pedro Cruz Gomes (gastronomic blogger) and Ana Amorim Dias (Algarve writer).

In four thematic videos, with versions in Castilian, the protagonists will be guides in their areas of interest and, by voice, present the beauty of the municipality and the quality of the services provided, with the videos being disseminated on their own channels and on the social networks of the ATP and the Municipality of Portimão, as well as an online summer promotion campaign in this tourist destination par excellence.

The first video has been available since July 17th, with the signature of André Parente, who can and must see here, focused on the beaches of Portimão, with fine sands and mild waters. So far, it has had close to 400 views and had about 90 thousand impressions, having already impacted close to 80 thousand different people.

In the next videos, while Maria João Proença will visit the heritage and culture, with emphasis on the Museum of Portimão, the Reception and Interpretation Center of the Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar, the Fortaleza de Sta Catarina and the bridges over the River Arade, Pedro Cruz Gomes will focus on Portimão cuisine, presenting restaurants where you can enjoy irresistible gastronomic proposals, having the sardines roasted like the queen at the table.

In turn, Ana Amorim Dias will address sport and leisure on land, in the air and at sea, focusing on unique proposals such as the kart track at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, sky diving at the Aerodromo Municipal, or the artificial reef Ocean Revival, off Alvor Beach.


The initiative arises from the need felt by local entities to respond to the new reality, promoting the offer of Portimão intelligently to Portuguese and Spanish tourists, with the guarantee that they will have the best experience here, under maximum security.

The campaign's main objective is to increase demand for this tourist destination, reinforcing the notoriety of the “Portimão” brand among Iberian audiences, both on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/visitportimao) and on Instagram (https: / /www.instagram.com/visitportimao/), and inviting potential interested parties to explore the website www.visitportimao.com.

At the same time, ATP is developing partnerships with leading tour operators in the national and Spanish markets, in order to boost sales to the destination Portimão, namely with an impact on neighboring Andalusia. This specific campaign takes place online in both Iberian countries and runs until the end of August.


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