Portuguese can only save on average € 80 per month – Study – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Portuguese can only save on average € 80 per month - Study - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Portugal is one of the countries with the lowest average of the European Union

Today is celebrated World Saving Day, and for this, Intrum sought to know more about the savings habits of the Portuguese.

The European Payment Consumer Report (EPCR), an annual study by Intrum, revealed that the Portuguese can save on average € 80 per month, which is quite low compared to the European average of € 385. Poland (€ 69), Lithuania (€ 67), Latvia (€ 44), Hungary (€ 40), Romania (€ 40) and Greece (€ 31) are European respondents below the Portugal average. Also noteworthy are countries like Switzerland (€ 250), Norway (€ 198) and Sweden (€ 184) with the highest savings.

Even so, optimists, 57% of Portuguese respondents believe that their economic situation will improve, in contrast to the European average that stands at 64%.

The Intrum study also showed that 58% of Portuguese can save money on a monthly basis, a figure very similar to the European average of around 57%.

Paying unexpected expenses is the main motivation of the Portuguese to save (76%) higher than the European average that is 68%. Traveling (42%), joining money for a job loss or other income (31%), or for retirement (26%) are also some of the main reasons the Portuguese want to save.

The Intrum study also reveals that 66% of Portuguese have a savings account, a number also higher than the European average of 56%.

For Luís Salvaterra, Managing Director of Intrum Portugal, "more than half of the Portuguese have a savings account and this demonstrates how important our money management is. Saving is the best way to prevent us from less good situations that may occur. Even though the Portuguese save an average of € 80 a month, which is very low compared to the European average, more than half believe that their financial situation will improve and thus ensure more savings. "

About the European Payment Consumer Report

The European Consumer Payments Report was born in 2013. As a "catalyst for a healthy economy", Intrum realized the need to consult the opinions of 21,317 European consumers in order to better understand the reality of the domestic economy and daily life in their houses. The information obtained in the European Payment Consumer Report was based on a survey conducted by the United Minds market research firm.

About Intrum

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