Portuguese company wants to end “pain of waiting” in the country's courts and hospitals – Computers

Portuguese company wants to end “pain of waiting” in the country's courts and hospitals - Computers

We all wait every day for some service, it is inevitable, but in many cases we wait too long. It was with the intention of eliminating the “pain of waiting” and making this time much shorter and “easier to tolerate” that Proside launched in 2016 Proximo, a form of self-service care focused on Portuguese hospitals and courts. words are from the CEO of Portuguese software solutions company, Paulo Alves, who guarantees that the bet now is to offer solutions even before the citizen reaches the institutions.

It all started in the health sector, with some adaptations to justice, and is currently implemented in 50 institutions. With the ultimate goal of providing citizens with a better quality of life, Proximo makes the process of public understanding faster, involving less than 10 seconds in the case of an automatic check-in on a machine, according to Paulo Alves.

In the health sector, Proximo already assists citizens and administrators in leading institutions such as the Portuguese Oncology Institute of Lisbon, Santa Maria Hospital, Santa Maria Hospital and the Matosinhos Local Health Unit. And according to Paulo Alves the Azores and Madeira are coming soon in this area, regions where the court system is already a reality.

But for the CEO of the company founded in 2004, after presenting in-house solutions with so-called multimedia kiosks that allow, for example, check-in, check-out, proof of attendance and payments, now the bet is on citizens' path to service.

Coming soon, the Proximo app for iOS, Android and Windows will allow citizens to check in on their way to the institution and to share, for example, their digital password if they are unable to attend and have to give up the service. For Paulo Alves, this type of solution allows “to dramatically reduce waiting times” while allowing administrators to focus on other tasks. And payment through MB Way also makes payment more convenient.

"Investing more and more in behavior prediction intelligence is one of the big challenges ahead," he said.

The information system in Portugal: what is the relationship with the success of Proximo?

But Proximo's success "depends on interoperability between systems." And so, Proside's CEO highlights the importance of collaboration with services such as the National Health Service, praising the overall picture of information systems in Portugal. But not forgetting the case of the courts, Paulo Alves explains that the employees themselves have already reported significant improvements in these institutions.

From January to August this year supporting 4.5 million citizens, the projection by the end of the year is expected to exceed six million, by which time the company's CEO is already talking about a possible international expansion, namely Nigeria. But Paulo Alves is even more ambitious for 2019, already talking about numbers that may be around 10 million in a presentation session of the project to journalists this Tuesday, in Lisbon.

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