Portuguese Consulate of São Paulo suspends reception of nationality and visa applications – Jornal Econômico

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The consulate general of Portugal in the city of São Paulo, the largest in Brazil, suspended today the reception of new applications for recognition of nationality and visas for Brazilians and Portuguese-descendants due to the demand.

The information appears in a statement published on the Internet site of the consulate, justifying the decision with the strong demand and the need to analyze the processes in progress more quickly.

"In order to avoid further slowness in the analysis of cases that are already pending treatment by this consular post and other Portuguese authorities, the consulate general is forced to temporarily suspend the admission of new nationality applications – in São Paulo and in the Consulate Office in Santos, also overwhelmed with requests, "the statement said.

"Aware of the inconveniences arising from this decision, we are certain that we will have the understanding of all the users and we ask the kindness to wait until January 2, the date on which we will re-open the information on the nationality processes," he added.

The Portuguese Consulate in São Paulo also informs applicants who, for some reason, do not want to wait, may submit their applications directly to the Central Registry Office.

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