Portuguese earn an average of 951 euros per month. Ordered at a maximum of 4 years – The Economic Journal

The Portuguese earn on average a regular gross average salary of 951 euros. The data refer to the month of March and represent an increase of 3.1% over the same period last year, released on Thursday, May 9, by INE.

This is the highest monthly amount in four years, since March 2015, as shown by INE data. The amount of 951 euros is regular remuneration, that is, it excludes holiday and Christmas subsidies, among other salary components, explains the INE, with the aim of eliminating seasonal behavior.

The total monthly gross remuneration in March reached 1,068 euros, with this amount including subsidies and other salary components, an increase of 2.5% over the same month.

Analyzing the year 2018, the total gross monthly remuneration per worker was 1,142 euros, registering a rise of 2.9% compared to 2017, when it reached 1,110 euros.

The regular remuneration reached 924 euros in the year 2018, with this remuneration representing 80.9% of the total remuneration of the worker.

Analyzing by profession, are the workers in the electricity, gas, steam, hot and cold water and cold air sectors that earn more in Portugal: 2,490 euros of gross gross remuneration.

This is followed by workers in financial and insurance activities (2,048 euros). Closing the podium of the best salaries, are the activities of international organizations and other extra-territorial institutions (1,682 euros).

On the other hand, the administrative and support services workers are the worst paid in the country: 650 euros per month of gross gross remuneration.

This is followed by workers in the extractive industries (666 euros) and the housing, catering and similar industries (686 euros).

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