Portuguese factories produced less in February – Jornal Econômico

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The industrial production index fell by 2.5% in February, 0.8 percentage points higher than in the previous month, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE). In January of this year, it had presented a variation of -3.3%.

The industrial production index registered a monthly decrease of 1.5% in February (increase of
1.2% in January).

The energy grouping contributed decisively to the evolution of the total
p.), due to the monthly variation of -15.3% (-4.2% in the previous month). In the same period of 2018, Energy presented values ​​of -3.8%.

Conversely, the Consumer Goods group made a positive contribution to the variation of the aggregate index (1.5 pp), as a result of the 4.7% rate of change, compared to 5.4% in January. In the same period, consumer goods were -1.5%.

The manufacturing sector showed a year-on-year change of 0.2% (-3.3% in January). In February 2018, the year-on-year change was 2.9%.

The Electricity, Gas, Steam, Hot and Cold Water and Cold Air sectors presented a monthly variation of -18%, while in January the value was set at -1%. In February 2018, the value presented was -4.2%.

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