Portuguese GP in Portimão generates a return of 7 M €

Portuguese GP in Portimão generates a return of 7 M €

The MotoGP Grand Prix of Portugal, which took place last weekend at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA), in Portimão, again aroused strong media interest around the race, with the event taking place on Sunday, the 18th April, generated almost 1,600 news items in the Portuguese media.

According to the Clipping Mediamonitor service, of the Marktest Group, during the week between April 14 and 20, 1,599 news items were identified in the Portuguese media, which represented a financial return of 6.632 million euros.

Mediamonitor's analysis finds that the vast majority of news was published in online media (1,135), which includes the diariOnline South Region newspaper, a long distance from the press (67 news items), radio (101) and television (296).

Even so, it was television that led the media return associated with the competition: the 296 news items identified on national channels translate an estimated return of more than 4.3 million euros, which means two thirds (66%) of the total financial return that the event spawned in the Portuguese media.

With regard to the distribution of news throughout the week, Saturday (327 news) and Sunday (388) were, unsurprisingly, the days when more news about the event was identified.

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