Portuguese music at sunset returns to Faro and Sagres Fortress – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Portuguese music at sunset returns to Faro and Sagres Fortress - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The "Concerts at Sunset" cycle is back in the Algarve by the ArQuente Cultural Association, inviting Nádia Schilling, LINCE, Churky and André Júlio Turquesa for the 9th edition.

The concept excels by the presentation of emerging and alternative musical projects, in hot afternoons and in odd scenarios such as the Ria Formosa in Faro and the Atlantic Ocean in Sagres.

In the first years, the «Evening Concerts» took place only in Faro, at the Association 's headquarters, in the Arco – Vila Adentro gallery, but with the support of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve through the DiVaM – they extended to the Fortress of Sagres.

"In the Algarve capital the environment is peculiar, an authentic sound journey. Between the musical notes and the honed voice of the guests there is the noise of airplanes, trains, boats, people and fauna, in a perfect symbiosis, that makes Concerts at dusk an experience to repeat times without count. Already in the Fortaleza de Sagres, the timeliness and boldness of the musical projects chosen joins the beauty of the built and natural heritage, as imposing as it is beautiful, "says Ar Quente.

This year, it is up to Nadia Schilling to open the cycle, which begins on Saturday, 25. Live, her music alternates the intimacy of folk with an intense and electric sound, much of it due to the musicians who accompany it.

For these two concerts in the Algarve region, Nádia brings with him the musicians João Hasselberg, Pedro Branco, Bruno Pedroso and Adriano Cintra.

It follows the turn of LINCE, solo project of Sofia Ribeiro characterized by being strongly emotional.

In a pop-rock style with retro and psychedelic nuances, Churky promises to warm up on Algarve evenings of June 8 and 9.

The cycle ends in shades of blue, by André Júlio Turquesa, on the weekend of June 22 and 23.


In Faro (Arco Gallery) – 19:30:

Day 25 May: Nádia Schilling

June 01: LINCE

June 8th: Churky

June 22nd: André Júlio Turquesa

In the Fortress of Sagres – 18:00:

Day 26 of May: Nádia Schilling

June 9th: Churky

June 23rd: André Júlio Turquesa

Also on Saturday 25th, the exhibition "SOMBRA" will be inaugurated at ArQuente headquarters, a collection of photographs collected by Helena Gonçalves, during the preparation of the homonymous show, directed by Miguel Moreira, in a co-production between ArQuente (Faro ) and the Uterus (Lisbon).



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