Portuguese people borrow money to pay domestic bills – Study – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Portuguese people borrow money to pay domestic bills - Study - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

In order to mark World Energy Day, which is being celebrated today, Intrum analyzes consumer behavior based on the annual European Payment Consumer Report and concludes that more than half of Portuguese respondents (54%) say they pay the household bills of gas, water and electricity, on time. A percentage in line with the European average, which is slightly higher with 58%. In Spain this figure is lower and only 46% assume that these expenses will be paid on time.

On the other hand, 21% of the Portuguese already gave or lent money to pay the domestic gas, water and electricity bills, which is slightly above the European average of 19%. Italy leads the table with more than double the European average (41%), saying that it has already lent money to pay the bills. This is followed by Romania (38%) and Hungary (37%).

Spain is in line with Portugal, but with a slightly higher share of 23%. However the Netherlands (10%), Switzerland (9%) and Denmark (9%) are at the end of the table because only a small percentage have already lent money to pay bills.

Intrum's study also reveals that in Portugal, during the last year, 17% of those who lent money helped without waiting to be paid back in accordance with the European Media.

"It is advisable for people to plan their spending to avoid debt. Taking responsibility for personal finances and consuming in moderation along with full understanding of the consequences of a debt are very relevant issues ", says Luís Salvaterra, Managing Director of Intrum Portugal.

About the European Payment Consumer Report

The European Consumer Payments Report was born in 2013. As a "catalyst for a healthy economy", Intrum realized the need to consult the opinions of 24,398 European consumers in order to better understand the reality of the domestic economy and daily life in their houses. The information obtained in the European Payment Consumer Report, was based on a survey conducted by the market research firm United Minds.

About Intrum

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