Portuguese win pair titles at Vale do Lobo Junior Open in Loulé

Portuguese win pair titles at Vale do Lobo Junior Open in Loulé

The Portuguese pairs Mafalda Guedes / Matilde Morais and Miguel Gomes / Henrique Rocha won the titles in the tables of female and male pairs of the international Grade 5 tournament at Vale do Lobo Junior Open, an event organized by Premier Sports at Vale do Lobo Tennis Academy, in Loulé.

Fifth seed, Mafalda Guedes (from Maia Tennis School) and Matilde Morais (from CAD) took the lead over Bulgarian Yoana Dudova and Briton Sashi Kempster (CETO player), favorite sevenths, 6-4 and 6 -2 to keep the title on the female board.

The men's title was also handed over to a male duo, with Miguel Gomes and Henrique Rocha (both training at the High Performance Center of the Portuguese Tennis Federation) taking on the status of first title contenders until the end thanks to the 6- 1 and 7-5 on compatriots Jaime Faria (also from CAR) and Pedro Libório (Felner Academy), sixth favorites.

In singles, since the previous day it is known that the trophies will be raised by tennis players "from home" and this Friday the grand final was defined: Miguel Gomes (first seed also in this aspect and 185 in the world "ranking") beat Tomás Pinho (fifth and 509th in the world ranking) by 7-5 and 7-5 and will have the opportunity to say goodbye to Vale do Lobo Tennis Academy with a second trophy, having met in the final with Tomás Luís (309. º). The Algarvian started as a favorite (third seed) for the semi-final duel against Guilherme Sousa Severin (984) and did not disappoint, winning 6-0 and 6-3.

In the women's team, the title will be given to a tennis player from the neighboring country: Marta Soriano Santiago (2026th in the world "ranking") surprised the eighth seed Athina Pitta (903rd) by 7-5, 3-6 and 6-4 to meet with compatriot Carolina Gomez (second pre-designated and 473rd in the hierarchy), who beat Swedish Tilde Stromquist (third and 465th) by 6-4 and 6-3.


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