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The Angolan president has approved a decree that provides for the provision of 21 billion kwanzas (58.3 million euros) to combat unemployment, fulfilling the promise made in 2017 to create 500,000 jobs in the legislature.

In Decree 113/19, dated 16th of this month, which the Lusa agency had access to today, João Lourenço approves the Plan of Action for the Promotion of Employability (PAPE), which provides that jobs "must be created and absorbed by the productive sector of economy, not public administration, as is often said. "

The money will come from the State Budget and the Petroleum Fund, which states that the PAPE will serve as an "operational management tool to foster and support the spirit of initiative in youth".

The plan also aims to support established and emerging entrepreneurs as well as to train young entrepreneurs in the technical and professional fields of small business management and should contribute to the process of promoting the financial, fiscal and social inclusion of young people, as well as foster cooperativism and youth associations.

"Contribute to the improvement of family income" and, consequently, "for the country's growth and socio-economic development" and "for the fight against hunger and poverty", are other goals of the PAPE, value the exercise of professions / occupations, useful to society ".

According to the Angolan President, the diploma should also "contribute to the banking and financial education of families" and to "the process of conversion of the informal to the formal economy".

"Despite the large supply of existing labor," the decree states, "the productive sector of the economy has no capacity to absorb the available labor force, resulting in an unemployment rate estimated at 21%, according to data from the INE, in a situation of structural unemployment ".

According to the latest INE data for 2018, which Lusa had access to on Saturday, the unemployment rate in Angola stands at 28.8%.

The document goes on to make it necessary "in the short and medium term to implement programs and measures to reduce unemployment in combination with other ministerial sectors in areas such as agriculture, fisheries, livestock, construction, energy and water, tourism and others, proposing the adjustment of the professional profiles of citizens to the real needs of the labor market and the economy. "

This will be done, believes the Government, "through training and professional retraining, surely a policy measure aimed at combating this structural unemployment and with great opportunities to obtain results in the short and medium term."

Young unemployed people and those looking for their first job are PAPE's target audience, which is also targeted at young graduates with the need to obtain equipment and tools for employment and income-generating activity, and those already are engaged in a professional activity and need reinforcement in equipment and tools or technical improvement and training in the field of management.

The program will be developed throughout the national territory for a period of three years, and the monitoring and evaluations of the actions carried out and the impact on the community will be the responsibility of the National Institute of Employment and Professional Training, INEFOP, involving other sectors.

Approximately 83 thousand and 500 young people will be directly and preferably covered by PAPE, including 12 thousand young people trained in the fields of entrepreneurship and business management, 15 thousand trained in short courses, three thousand in the informal market, through the reconversion of small occupational and income generating activities, and 1,500 graduates in levels 3 and 4 of Vocational Training, inserted in programs of professional internships. In addition, PAPE plans to grant 10,000 microcredits and distribute 42,000 professional kits to young people in different professions.

In addition to the direct beneficiaries, it is intended to distribute professional kits, promote associativism and indirectly benefit about 243,000 citizens, since the means will be made available for brigades of three to five professionals.

According to the diploma, "the year 2019 is crucial because it will be the launch date and may dampen the social pressure caused by the unemployment situation", so that the resources for this purpose will be essentially guaranteed under the Basic Protection Law Social.

For the first year of implementation of the PAPE, the Government estimates a cost of more than 7 thousand and 600 million kwanzas (21.1 million euros), and the possibility of other financing outside the OGE and the Petroleum Fund is also foreseen.

In the electoral campaign of the 2017 presidential elections, João Lourenço promised to create 500,000 new jobs by the end of the legislature in 2022.

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