Pre-warning of strike threatens debut of operetta "L'Étoile" at Teatro S. Carlos – Showbiz

Pre-warning of strike threatens debut of operetta "L'Étoile" at Teatro S. Carlos - Showbiz

The operetta "L'Étoile", by Emmanuel Chabrier, premieres on April 1, according to the program of the National Theater of São Carlos (TNSC).

According to the Trade Union of Show, Audiovisual and Musicians (CENA-STE), a meeting was held with the Board of Directors of the Artistic Production Organization (Opart), which is responsible for the TNSC and the National Ballet Company (CNB). will next Tuesday with the Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca.

"The lessons learned from these meetings will confirm or not the need to resort to the strike," says CENA-STE.

Hearing from Lusa, Andre Albuquerque, a trade union official, said that "these claims derive from the lack of investment by the state in the culture, which leads to a lack of working conditions."

According to the leader "there is a need to equate the basic salary of TNSC technicians with those of CNB technicians performing similar functions."

On the other hand, the union wants "an in-depth analysis of all the technical material so as to create a recovery and replacement plan that will allow the development of work in the rehearsals, shows and areas of support, ensuring the safety of workers and also the public."

For Cena-STE, it is necessary to "demand compliance with safety and hygiene standards at work".

According to André Albuquerque, last Thursday's meeting with the board of directors, he was "firmly convinced that this analysis will be carried out in collaboration with the workers and their representatives, assuming that it is fundamental for both houses that they guard. "

For Cena-STE, "we must end once and for all the governmental limitations on career progressions, recruitment, promotions and salary reviews", since, explained André Albuquerque, it is the Ministry of Finance that should equate the salaries of these workers, since both Opart and the Ministry of Culture have already "given the positive opinion".

In 2009, by agreement between the union and Opart, TNSC technicians, as part of a broader commitment, accepted a basic salary similar to that of technicians with similar CNB functions but proportionately lower, since they would work 40 hours a week and of the TNSC 35 hours a week, thus reducing the working hours of CNB technicians in September 2017 to 35 hours a week, "Opart has not fulfilled the principle of equal work, equal pay," concludes the union.

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