Pregnant Anitta? Singer comments on rumors – News

Pregnant Anitta? Singer comments on rumors - News

Anitta is currently in a relationship with Pedro Scooby, who, according to the Brazilian press, could not be doing better. Regarding the couple, one of the news that most talked about in recent days was a supposed pregnancy of the singer funk, which surprised her.

In social networks and rumors, Anitta said: "What is happening people? I was giving an interview, I left, I went to pick up my phone and everyone asked if I was pregnant. What's going on, you all so crazy? You make a mistake, for God's sake. Full of thing to do, full of show set and you inventing these deals for me. What's going on, someone explains. "

It is rumored that the rumors began when the artist Roberta Miranda congratulated Anitta for the supposed pregnancy. Shortly thereafter, he erased the publication and apologized for it, making sure it was unintentionally.

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