Premier League united against racism: City and Liverpool threaten to abandon games, Sarri calls for rules

Premier League united against racism: City and Liverpool threaten to abandon games, Sarri calls for rules

The coaches of the main Premier League emblems have joined their voice in the fight against racism. In the week when several English players suffered racist insults in Montenegro during a Euro2020 qualifying match, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Maurizio Sarri and Maurizio Pochetino spoke about the theme of the moment, asking for clear rules and being available to abandon games in cases of racism.

In the preview of the Manchester City game with Fulham in London, Pep Guardiola has been available to ask his team to leave the pitch in cases of racist abuse.

"We can do this, yes. [abandonar o relvado quando houver racismo]. I am not alone in the club, I would have to decide together with the leaders, my captain and my players, but if we all agreed, we can do it, why not? When the club, the players or the organization decide to do so, at my will we will follow it, "said the Catalan coach, before expressing his support for Raheem Sterling, one of the players of the English team who denounced abuse suffered against the Montenegro.

"The situation changes when you do something, otherwise it's impossible, everything is the same. That's why it's good when people like him [Sterling] express themselves, it is good for our future and for our society, "said Guardiola, noting that football is a powerful 'weapon' to fight against racism.

"Football is a strong weapon to defend the principles of humanity, people have long said that you can not mix politics and football, but that is not true. Politicians are everywhere, human rights are everywhere. "A long time ago, Guus Hiddink's Valencia did not play because there was a Nazi flag behind the goal," recalled Guardiola, explaining later that this is a problem of society, not just football.

"The problem is not about football itself, it is society, what is happening in society, the extreme right is moving forward and the message they are sending to win votes, elections, does not make us safe. a football problem, it's society itself. I think in Europe, not in football, it's getting worse, "he said.

In Liverpool it was Jurgen Klopp showing his support for Raheem Sterling, as he had done on other occasions. The coach of Livepool underlined, in the preview of the game with Tottenham, who is also available to have his team leave the pitch in cases of racist songs.

"I am so disappointed to know that at this moment, on our planet, it is still possible for such a thing, of people who are able to use their voice for the worst reasons. I saw the game of England but without sound, so I was surprised when I saw Hendo [Jordan Henderson] to receive a yellow card, when Danny Rose also saw yellow and when I saw Raheem [Sterling] to celebrate in front of the supporters of Montenegro. I asked 'But what's going on here?' Then everything made sense, "Klopp recalled, urging that the problem of racism in football should not be ignored.

"We can not ignore this.We have to point the finger, discuss this, point out that people can not do this.For some it can be fun but no joke.No.It is difficult for me to understand what Raheem, Rose, or other players who have been through this [ataques racistas] because I've never been in a situation like this. What I have to do, I will, "he shot.

For Jurgen Klopp, more drastic measures are needed.

"We have to stop the games. I understand that Gareth [Southgate] have not done it [frente a Montenegro], who said that it would be solved off the pitch, etc., but we have to make it clear that it is not tolerable [os cânticos racistas]. There have been some incidents this week and in the latter, not just racism, which are not pleasant. We must make it clear that it is not pleasant. We have to stop this, "he said.

Maurizio Pochetino's speech was in the same vein. The Tottenham manager recalled the thousands of people around the world who are not football players but who suffer from discrimination because of skin color.

"[Danny Rose] okay, we always want to support our players, not only them but also Sterling and the other people who suffer from the abuses. We must speak of this, that not only the players to be discriminated against, but also the people who suffer abuse every day, which we can not see but what happens every day. That is why I want to show my solidarity with Danny [Rose] and to [Raheem] Sterling, but also to all those who suffer racist abuse. We have to fight against this, we have to fight to get rid of the racist songs, "the Tottenham manager said in the preview of the game with Liverpool.

Still in London, another emblem also showed his revolt on the theme of racism. Maurizio Sarri spoke of Hudson-Odoi, Chelsea player who was the subject of comments and racist songs in the game against Dynamo Kiev, for the Europa League.

I do not like to talk to him [Hudson-Odoi] of the problem, because, unfortunately, I can not solve it. In every country, I think there are some stupid people. [O racismo] is a big problem and I think we should do something different. It will probably be right to stop the game for ten minutes in the first situation. We need a rule. For the Premier League but also for all the championships and for all football, "said Sarri, quoted by the BBC, in the preview of the match with Cardiff City.

This week UEFA announced the introduction of a disciplinary inquiry into Montenegro for racist behavior by supporters during the Euro2020 qualifying game against England, which took a 5-1 lead in Podgorica. England striker Raheem Sterling accused Montenegrin supporters of singing racist chants against team-mate Danny Rose following a disagreement between Aleksandar Boljevic, Jordan Henderson and Rose, who took the referee to admonish with the yellow card all players involved.

In the same week, the European Football Association's Committee for Control, Ethics and Discipline decided to punish Lazio, Shakhtar and Slavia in Prague with the partial closure of their stadiums because of the racist behavior of their supporters.

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