Preorder iPhone Xr below the most expensive models – Equipment

Preorder iPhone Xr below the most expensive models - Equipment

The most inexpensive model in every generation of Apple smartphones is often successful in pre-orders, but the new device does not seem to follow the same trend.

Following the launch of the top-of-the-range models, Apple has left to the end the economic version iPhone Xr, which was available for pre-booking last week. Its launch is scheduled for next 26, but according to analysts the smartphone is having lower demand than expected. Dazeinfo had even put the Xr as the version that could become the bestseller of this generation of iPhones, not only by the price difference, but by having some characteristics similar to the superior models.

The reality is that the pre-reserves revealed some curious facts. According to the expert, in the first three days of availability, the Xr model had lower demand than its "brothers" Xs and Xs Max, even being cheaper. Compared to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, in the same period, the new Xr had a better performance.

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The chart shows that Xr has not been able to get the peak in pre-sales demand, but is projected to sell better than the other models. The expert believes that the iPhone Xr will convince more customers to make the exchange of their equipment, compared to the iPhone 8 models.

One of the explanations for the iPhone Xr's warm start is exactly the success of the more expensive models, Xs and Xs Max. Both contributed to 16% of total apple-brand smartphone sales to the US territory in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2018. It is an impressive milestone considering that the models had only 10 days in the market before the closing of accounts of that period. This initial search refers to the "fans" of the apple brand, who always seek to get the new models. Already the public of the most economic version only change device when it needs.

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