President of Serbia announces investigation into PSG-Red Star

President of Serbia announces investigation into PSG-Red Star

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today that the match between Paris Saint-Germain and the Red Star of the Champions League will also be investigated in the country for allegedly vicious results.

"We will investigate any possibility of someone who has tried to denigrate the reputation of our club and our country. If confirmed, whoever did it will be severely punished," said the Serbian president.

UEFA had already begun an investigation into this case, reported by the L'Equipe newspaper, which said that a top Red Star official had put a large amount of money on how his team would lose by five goals difference, something that came to confirm .

The Serbian team has already been made public with "maximum anger and abomination", the news and suspicions raised, denying the involvement of "any person" of the club in "possible illegal activities."

Paris Saint-Germain also denied, "categorically", its involvement, directly or indirectly, in a possible process of results-vindication.

The case comes on October 3 when the two teams met in Paris in a game that ended with the French team's 6-1 win with a Neymar hat-trick.

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