President of the Government of the Azores proposes "citizenship contract" with benefits for those who vote – The Economic Journal

The president of the Government of the Azores, Vasco Cordeiro, today defended a "citizenship contract" in which citizens with a good record of electoral participation can benefit from the state.

"Instead of the most common approach to the situation of non-participation, which is ultimately sanctioned in the case of countries with compulsory voting systems, the model we are referring to is a valuation of citizens who have a history of participation, "said Vasco Cordeiro.

The leader of the Azorean Government spoke in the municipality of Calheta, on the island of Sao Jorge, on the Day of the Autonomous Region of the Azores, which this year tunes to June 10, also Day of Portugal.

The valorization of citizens with good electoral history "can happen in the most varied components of the intervention of the State or the services that it provides, from the fiscal area to the social area."

According to Vasco Cordeiro, who presented this idea "with the intention of provoking debate", the "positive solution" aims to value "the citizen committed to the political experience of his community", being "a solution that does not no one, but adds to those who participate, who contributes by their vote to the life of the political community in which it is inserted. "

The freedom to vote or not to vote "continues to assist every citizen," said the ruler, "and that the non-exercise of the vote does not correspond to any sanction."

"However, it is also established the relevance of a history of civic participation in democratic life by fulfilling the duty to vote in the face of a situation where this history does not exist," explained the president of the Azorean government.

In his speech on the Day of the Region, Vasco Cordeiro announced that the Government of the Azores will launch a "great campaign" with all secondary school students in the Region, as well as vocational education, which will gradually be in the next four years , in a position to exercise their right to vote.

This will be "a real campaign for civic promotion, which should be followed by the political parties represented in the Parliament of the Azores, not only to publicize the importance of voting, but also to inform the more than nine thousand young people of our islands of their awareness of the importance of their participation at various levels of the democratic life of their Region. "

In addition, the Regional Executive will launch, from September, a project "for a general public hearing of all proposals for regional legislative or regulatory decree that may be the decision of the Governing Council."

"This possibility of public pronunciation of citizens will be achieved through the online availability of proposals for legislative, legislative and regulatory decrees, for a period of 30 days prior to their appointment to the Governing Council, and with the possibility of pronouncing, by the same route, part of who wants it, "said Vasco Cordeiro.

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