President of Tondela clarifies business of six ME with Spanish group

President of Tondela clarifies business of six ME with Spanish group

The president of Tondela explained today at the general meeting of the club the six million euros deal held in 2018 with the Spanish group Hope and announced that the start of construction of the sporting city starts this year.

"I did not sell the club, the club and its heritage are intact, what Tondela lost was only three situations, so that it is clear what Tondela has alienated: football players, their passes and contracts, television rights and a bus, "said Gilberto Coimbra.

During the general assembly of the club, the director, who spoke for almost an hour and before about 70 members, explained for the first time the business, which was made official and made public on November 15, 2018, with the passage of 80 % of SAD's shares to a Hope-based company based in Madrid.

"I did not say the number in the other House because it was not well defined yet, but I'm releasing it now. These 80% were sold for 6.2 million euros and, as far as I know, no club that wants to keep in the I League has achieved such values, and the 200 thousand euros are for the capital increase, "he said.

Gilberto Coimbra recalled that the Hope group "also owns Granada (Spain), has a comfortable percentage of Parma (Italy), owns a professional team in the First League of China and another Chinese team and a basketball team in the United States".

"And there is another very important thing, which is the spirit and knowledge of football and also deals in television rights for many countries. That is why we chose this group, because we had four or five proposals, namely the Deco, "he revealed.

Gilberto Coimbra also explained that of the six million, "three will only be delivered when the works of the sports city are completed" and, to date, has already delivered 2.4 million euros and the club has already spent 370 thousand euros in the acquisition of the land " for the construction of the sports complex.

"We bought 10 hectares, 100 thousand meters of land, in the farm of Nandufe, where will be built such a sports center training, which will have all the conditions, with various fields, so that all our football teams can train, because it cost It is immense to see three or four teams training in one field at the same time, "he said.

The director, who ends the mandate next year, announced to the members that "this year will start the works for the sports city, a commitment made with the Spanish group" and that is also "the realization of a dream, to give continuity to the formation of the Tondelian soccer ".

The Under-23 team, promised to start last season and postponed for this year, "also will not start in 2019, precisely because of lack of conditions, because it is not possible to have more teams to train in one field," explained Gilberto Coimbra, who assumed the desire to "have all levels working to give vent to all the athletes of the formation of Tondela."

Of the first tranche of the money, he explained, "he has to pay 800 thousand euros, which must be arriving", something that he believes to happen "these days", because he says to trust the group that "wants to keep Tondela in I Liga , as all partners desire. "

He also said that the sale of these 80% of shares "was the only way to put Tondela in the hands of professionals, because it is not easy to have a club in the League, it requires a lot of knowledge and work and a lot of money."

"You gave permission, this direction concluded this and, point number one, the club has its accounts up to date, it owes no one, it is only up to pay the current account of the day to day, that are not debts. Point number two, your assets are intact, "he assured.

Gilberto Coimbra also assumed that "for the first time in 15 years, the club does not owe money to the Portuguese football federation, from whom it never received a penny, to pay off previous debts" upon its arrival, 2004, "thus freeing many people from criminal proceedings ".

At this general meeting, the report of accounts for 2018 was unanimously approved, with a positive balance of 1,588,557.74 euros.

It should be recalled that the report on accounts for the year 2017 had positive results of 54,762.50 euros.

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