President of Vitoria says Fábio Veríssimo's arbitration was "a disgust"

President of Vitoria says Fábio Veríssimo's arbitration was "a disgust"

The president of Vitória de Setúbal, Vítor Hugo Valente, was Monday in the press room of the Estádio do Bonfim to make harsh criticisms to the arbitration of Fabio Veríssimo, considering it "a disgust".

At stake is the Judge of Leiria in the match in which Boavista won the Setubal side 3-0 in the duel of the 32nd day of the I Football League, a game in which the Victorians were reduced to eight elements, due to to the expulsions of José Semedo, Zequinha and Jhonder Cádiz.

"What happened here today? [segunda-feira] It was not a shame, it was disgusting. Mr. Veríssimo was a postman with orders for this and for the next game. We know what happened. It's disgusting, "he said.

The manager, who appeared alongside coach Sandro Mendes in the press room, revealed that the players were in the resort disgusted and inconsolable due to what happened.

"This is a land of serious and honest people. This postman [Fábio Veríssimo] no more cards in Setubal. Do not put your feet up anymore. The Victory players did not get emotionally lost. The postman who came here did everything to make it happen. The players are crying at the beach resort, "he said.

Despite everything, Vitor Hugo Valente is confident in the permanence of the sadinos in the First League.

"If they think that they push us, they are very much mistaken. We got eight or seven, but they do not push us. This does not end here. In their time, and their own places, they will know what happened, "he concluded.

With 32 days to go, and two games to go, Vitória is in 14th place, with 33 points, against 32 of Desportivo de Chaves (15th), 31 of Tondela, currently in a downhill position (16th), 28 of the National and 16 of the already 'condemned' Feirense.

In the last two rounds, the sadinos move to Chaves and receive the Rio Ave.

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