Press Review: "Selection wins and enchants without Ronaldo"

Press Review: "Selection wins and enchants without Ronaldo"

The ball

Portugal show: selection wins and enchants without Ronaldo (Poland 2-3 Portugal); three goals in beautiful plays after goal of the Poles; great exhibitions by Rúben Neves, Bernardo Silva and André Silva; "This team believes a lot in her", Fernando Santos; missing a draw (or even that) to secure the "final four" and 7 million euros. Benfica: Thierry Henry wants to take João Tralhão; Salvio seduced to leave. Sporting: detention of official plot Balconies; DIAP blocks Bruno de Carvalho's shot. FC Porto: the biggest liability ever; dragons totaled 464 million euros.


Portugal dos Silvas: Bernardo, André and Rafa in the goals of victory in Poland (Poland 2-3 Portugal); national team one step from the final four; "No team is better without the best in the World", Fernando Santos. Benfica: Salvio priority; next dossier to be resolved; Krovinovic misses the Cup as a precaution. Sporting: Raphinha at risk for Arsenal; agreement by Battaglia. FC Porto: Herrera and Brahimi out; Pinto da Costa says that Mexican asked for 6 million euros to renew.

The game

Roda viva: carousel of the Portuguese attack turned the Poles back (Poland 2-3 Portugal); André and Bernardo Silva signed a goal each, Glik made an own goal pressed by Rafa; "It is important that these players grow in points games," Fernando Santos. FC Porto: "Herrera wanted six million to renew", Pinto da Costa clarified the situation of the Mexican. Sporting: Bruno tries to avoid arrest; was in the DIAP alerted for possible arrest by the attack to the Academy. Benfica: trio out of the Cup; Salvio, Cervi and Castillo should not arrive in time to go to Serta.

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