Price of pork increases 40% in two months – The Economic Newspaper

Price of pork increases 40% in two months - The Economic Newspaper

The price of pork increased in the Portuguese market by about 40% in just two months, thanks to the opening in January of the Chinese market to Portuguese producers.

David Neves, president of the Leiria Pig Industry Association, said in statements to the "Morning Post" that the "opening of exports to China eventually relaunched the sector", considering that producers are now starting to sell at fair prices. "The crisis of 2015, because of the embargo on Russia, has created great difficulties, which we are now beginning to overcome," he said, adding that "production is already being talked about."

But while the producers make the party, consumers are not so much. In less than a month, the chunk of the cutlet went from 2.99 euros to 3.99 euros. With regard to the meat cut, the belly, for example, went from 2.5 euros to 2.95 euros and the spade rose from 1.63 to 2.55 euros. "It's the biggest increase in pork I can remember, so soon and suppliers have told us that next week it will increase again," the cutter José Luís Pereira, from Supertalho, in Braga, told CM.

Source of the Portuguese Association of Meat Industry told the newspaper that the price of the carcass (piece of whole pig) went from 1.60 euros per kilo at the end of January to 2.20 euros last week, more than two months, the price rose about 40%.

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