Pride and unity for the region and unlimited determination to contribute to overcome obstacles – ALGFUTURO – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Pride and unity for the region and unlimited determination to contribute to overcome obstacles - ALGFUTURO - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Motto of the themes treated in the hearing of the Mayor of Faro to ALGFUTURO

Affirming the Algarve based on the exceptional potential of the region, with pride and practice of unity beyond local neighborhoods and other divisive frontiers, along with an unlimited determination to overcome the existing bottlenecks and imbalances, was the motto of the issues discussed at the hearing between the President of the Faro Chamber and a delegation of ALGFUTURO, with repeated professions of faith of the two entities, for themselves and with all those who have the same design, to respond for such a commitment. The reflection lasted for more than two hours and took place within the framework of the meetings requested by the association regarding the recent election of the Governing Bodies.

In this context and in a Municipality in which ALGFUTURO's relations with all local authorities have been good, Rogério Bacalhau has given special significance and welcomed the fact that the ALGFUTURO social bodies are a mirror of unity between sectors and representativeness of the whole region, a unit which is of great importance for the study of solutions by entrepreneurs, as the association has done, and its role as a social partner in the dialogue with the institutions of the region and at the municipal and zone level. The President of ALGFUTURO, José Vitorino, emphasized the guideline of contributing to the creation of an economic and business culture in the region, indispensable to the mobilization and overcoming of problems.

Was reiterated the commitment of the Municipality and of ALGFUTURO to advance with the project of dynamization and support to the associative actors of society and promotion of territorial development and / or others of municipal or regional interest, by the strength of the capital of Faro and regional concerns, emphasizing the openness and support provided by the autarchy.

In scope of the existing Cooperation Agreement between the two entities, the Algarve's excellent climate, environment, safety, luminosity, quality of life, knowing how to receive, a university that everyone is proud of and a range of products very high quality, in a framework in which the level to be achieved must always be that of excellence. It was unanimous that the University was the greatest achievement ever achieved by the region.

In the other the problems of health structures, dams, extreme seasonality, excessive dependence on the British market, obstacles to the entry of the 8.5 million Andalusians from our neighbors and which are essential to the regular functioning of companies and the employment of the largest number of consumers, regional imbalances and specifically the drama of the Monchique fire, which merited solidarity and concern for the slow recovery, lack of manpower and professional courses adjusted to the needs, etc. Of course, the Brexit issue was addressed in the face of uncertainties and risks for an economy that is based on about 80% of visitor inflow flows.

They merited reflection Portugal 20/30 community funds and the ever deferred creation of the Algarve Administrative Region. Here too, the two entities have decided to make an important contribution to the upcoming electoral events. In this sense, they will formalize in the next second, next to the political directions of the parties and coalitions that intend to run for the elections to the European Parliament, to be represented in a debate to be held in April in the Hall Noble of the Municipality of Faro. On the Administrative Regions the debate is proposed for the month of September, before the legislative elections.

On the same line ALGFUTURO will cooperate with the Municipality and its autarchic representatives in the promotion of the Technological Pole, Business Park of the Municipality and the holding of the Business Days of Faro.



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