Primavera Sound has an impact of 18.5 million euros in Porto – The Jornal Econômico

The festival Nos Primavera Sound, held between June 6th, 7th and 8th, attracted about 18.5 million euros for the organization and for the city of Porto, reported the newspaper "i" on Sunday, June 9.

"The total values ​​generated for the city amounted to about 18.5 million euros. These values ​​come mainly from the accommodation (Festivals who slept in Porto preferred the hotel – 27.2% – apartments – 20.9% – and Hostel – 19.9%), food and parallel activities such as visits to wine cellars Oporto, museums, to attend shows and other cultural events, nightlife, shopping in local commerce, etc. ", according to the organization of the festival, cited by that newspaper.

The value generated was calculated and published in a study by the ISAG – European Business School, according to which in the three days of the event each visitor of the festival spent in the premises located in the City Park, on average, 103.65 euros.

But this figure rises to 563.43 euros, observing the expenses of those who live outside the city of Porto.

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