Prime Minister considers Saramago could have received a second Nobel Prize – Showbiz

Prime Minister considers Saramago could have received a second Nobel Prize - Showbiz

"José Saramago managed to ensure the intermittence of death, which is the life of him that we must always continue to find in reading each of the pages that he bequeathed and bequeathed to mankind. Humanity recognized with its Nobel Prize, but it could safely to return to deserve a second Nobel Prize for everything he wrote, after having received the first, "said António Costa.

The prime minister recalled that the "marathon" he has done – a visit to Lanzarote, Azinhaga do Ribatejo and Lisbon – seeks to accompany "what were the remarkable places in the life of José Saramago and that somehow shaped his own work."

"Yesterday in Lanzarote we were able to signal the universalism that was recognized for the award of the Nobel Prize. Today, here in Azinhaga, we are returning to its origins in which it was formed as a boy, as a man, but where surely germinated many of the ideas that formed it as a citizen, as a politician and as a writer, "he added.

According to António Costa, this is a way "to honor Saramago after 20 years of his Nobel Prize and to pay homage to all lands, to all those who have contributed in some way to forming him as a man, as a politician, as a writer" .

António Costa emphasized that it was inevitable to pass through Azinhaga, "where it all began".

The prime minister recalled that "one of the most solemn moments of his life [Saramago], it was when he spoke before the academy that awarded him the Nobel Prize when starting soon to remember that the person with whom he learned the most had been his grandfather Jeronimo.

"He [José Saramago] said that here he found the other me who was stranded somewhere, but he had to return here to the jungle to finish his birth. We have an idea that we are being born every day throughout our lives and, throughout our lives, we are acquiring new selves, "said the head of the Government.

António Costa noted that José Saramago "did not need to deploy his selves in heteronyms, as others had to do, and can condense in his work and under his name José Saramago all this formation."

"It was here [Azinhaga] who built the vision of the world, surely the experience he had here, his grandparents, rural workers, the social reality of Azinhaga that was decisive in his ideological formation, in his formation as a citizen and in his affirmation as a man of the world, he added.

The prime minister stressed that Saramago "never separated what it was to be the writer of what it was to be the man who had several dimensions and who always manifested them."

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