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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has just announced to MPs that he will present – as everyone was expecting – his resignation to the country's president, Sergio Matarella. Before that, Conte presented an almost endless list: The topics that the Italian government led by Giuseppe Conte tried to manage and were not allowed are numerous and the culprit has a name: Matteu Salvini.

In the parliamentary speech Conte produced at the beginning of the debate on the motion of censure advanced by 'his' Interior Minister – sitting no more than ten centimeters to the right of the Prime Minister – the League leader, where the most extremist right is concentrated. of the country, was accused of being responsible for the crisis and mainly for the 'ingestibility' that hit the transalpine government.

Salvini, who was gesturing to the stands and 'bouncing' between smiles and twitches, was accused by Conte of having a personal agenda from the earliest days of the government – which prevented the country from starting a series reforms that in their words would be crucial for the modernization of the economy – notably in tax terms – and for social understanding.

Contrary to general interests, Conte said, the government he presided over was always embroiled in a series of disabilities that were due, he later realized, to Salvini's desire to move beyond the moment of coalition with the Movement. 5 stars. In view was the holding of new elections so that Salvini could gain access to wider power. But Conte left the idea that perhaps the addition of power in the hands of his Interior Minister is not the best for the country.

Criticism was rampant – which seemed mainly to amuse his other vice-president, Luígi di Maio, sitting on his left – with the prime minister leaving in limbo a possible link between Salvini and Russian President Vladimir Putin ( who yesterday met with his French counterpart) on funding issues applied to the growth of the League in Italy.

Conte also had the opportunity to 'unravel' another list: after all, how much the government he presided over – notably in unblocking disputes with the European Union. Giuseppe Conte drew the benefit of having exceeded the reservations expressed by the Commission and the eurozone for his government from the outset.

But after that was chaos: the issue of immigration and refugee entry into the country eventually absorbed all the remaining dossiers, all the executive's soul strength and even all the benevolence that the international community eventually reserved for his government.

All of this before saying, "Government action ends here."

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