Prime Peaks is a physics-defying all-terrain race – Android

Prime Peaks is a physics-defying all-terrain race - Android

There is a new trend in racing games where the goal is not even to reach the end of the goal but to get as much terrain as possible taking into account two crucial factors: keeping the vehicle intact and not letting the fuel run out. And that's not always easy, because the skill of the players dealing with the rugged scenarios is what makes these games fun.

And Prime Peaks falls into this category of games where players control a buggy, which jumps between sand dunes, soccer fields, or forests full of logs and other obstacles. The game offers a panoply of vehicles, between jeeps and motorcycles, as well as other funny caravans. These can be improved for better performance at the levels.

The physics of the game is what makes the challenge high, so you have to control how fast you jump so you don't fall into an abyss or onto a cow… The game has many completely absurd thematic scenarios and obstacles.

You can download this fun game for free on Android and iOS versions.

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