“Priority is to create new course”. CDSXXI movement repudiates race to succession on CDS-PP – Jornal Económico

The Internal Current Movement CDSXXI considers that it is not “in keeping with the immediate interests” of the CDS-PP the race to succeed Asunción Cristas in the leadership of the CDS-PP. The current opinion led by Pedro Borges de Lemos admits that the party's election results were “weak”, but considers that the priority “is not to elect a new leader”.

“After the poor election results and the resignation of the leader, it is time for deep reflection and to start building a solution, for all who want to participate, that would go through a serious and coherent programmatic redefinition of the party, to be ratified in next congress ”, says Pedro Borges de Lemos, in a note sent to Jornal Económico.

The CDSXXI Movement considers that “the priority is not to elect a new leader whom the congress will in time undertake to do democratically”, but “to create a new course that meets the aspirations of the grassroots”.

“It does not seem to us in line with the immediate interests of the CDS, to position themselves already for the succession of the current leader,” warns the unconformed internal current of the CDS-PP.

In Sunday's parliamentary elections, Christian Democrats had 4.2 percent of the vote, the worst ever CDS-PP result in legislatures. The parliamentary group, which until now consists of 18 deputies, will now have only five deputies (João Almeida, Asunción Cristas, Ana Rita Bessa, Cecilia Meirelles and Telmo Correia). After announcing the resignation of the leadership of the CDS-PP, the centrist leader did not say, however, if she will remain as a member of the Assembly of the Republic.

Asuncion Cristas has announced the early convening of the CDS-PP National Congress to elect a new leader, which should happen within a few weeks. There are already several names that position themselves to succeed Assumption Crests. Among them is Abel Matos Santos, leader of the internal trend Trend Hope in Motion (TEM) – as already reported by Jornal Económico – Filipe Lobo d'Avila and João Almeida.

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