Professional firefighters mark two-week strike – The Economic Journal

Professional firefighters mark two-week strike - The Economic Journal

Professional firefighters announced today that they will hold a strike between December 19 and January 2 in protest of the government's proposals governing the status and retirement regime.

The announcement of the 15-day strike was made during the protest rally held in the afternoon of today and promoted by the Lisbon Municipal Workers 'Union (STML) and the Local Government Workers' Union (STAL), which National Association of Professional Firefighters (ANBP) and the National Union of Professional Firefighters (SNBP).

"We will extend the fight with the start of a 15-day strike, it will be the first of many if the Government does not back down," Lusa said.

Professional firefighters initially focused on the Commerce Square, where they knocked down the gratings that were placed on the site and were locked by the door of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), where a delegation was to deliver a motion with the claims.

From the Praça do Comércio, the protesters went to Lisbon City Hall with the purpose of delivering a letter to the mayor of the city, Fernando Medina, with the reasons for the protest.

As Fernando Medida was not in the Lisbon Chamber, a meeting between the mayor and the trade union structures was scheduled for 12:00 noon on Tuesday.

During the protest, in addition to sirens, the most heard word among professional firefighters was "let it burn".

At stake is the new professional status that regulates the special career of firefighter and sapper officer, and the new retirement scheme, generally approved by the Government on October 25.

This proposal of the Government creates a unified career for the municipal firemen and sapnings and new remuneration tables, besides integrating the operational of the Special Fire Service and the workers of the Institute of Conservation Nature and Forests (ICNF) that play the role of sapper.

According to António Pascoal, the initiative presented by the Government "will not valorize the career and put the aid at risk", contesting the retirement that will happen to the 60 years and the salary proposal, in which the professional fireman "can win below the minimum wage national".

Fernando Curto, president of the ANBP, said that there are three levels that firefighters will not give up, namely careers, salary situation and retirement.

According to the president of ANBP, the careers will decrease, with four posts instead of the current seven.

Fernando Curto also challenged the salary issue, stressing that he does not understand "how the government joining a career can reduce the salary index, from 890 euros to 600 euros."

The Left Block Member Sandra Cunha was present at the demonstration to express the displeasure of the party with the proposal presented by the Government, considering that it will create "more injustices, not only at the level of remuneration because it lowers the remuneration, especially of the firefighters, but also with regard to the rules for retirement ".

"In the hitch-hike of uniforming a career, the Government apparently decides to level it off. This is absolutely unacceptable, "Sandra Cunha told Lusa, stressing that" this proposal does not work ".

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