Professional Fortnite player sues team on abusive contract – Computers

Professional Fortnite player sues team on abusive contract - Computers

Turner "Tfue" Tenney, professional player of Fortnite, sued his team, the FaZe Clan, complaining of unfair practices and abusive contract. In a copy of the lawsuit that The Hollywood Reporter had access to, Tfue claims that FaZe Clan retained 80% of the proceeds from its sponsored videos and advertising revenue, as well as 50% of its personal presences.

At just 21, Tfue has already won more than $ 500,000 in Fortnite tournaments and has more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube, as well as being the third most popular gamer in Twitch with 6 million followers.

In April 2018 he signed a six-month contract with the FaZe Clan team, which would later be extended to three years. With the help of the promotion of FaZe Clan, Tfue's subscribers on YouTube rose from 150,000 to the current 10 million within a year.

Turner Tenney now intends to be released from his contractual obligations, further requiring a financial refund from the team. According to the lawsuit, "FaZe Clan's goal is to" own "Tenney and other professional players and creators." Tfue further claims that the team "is not a licensed talent agency" and "exploits young artists" like him through "oppressive and predatory long-term contracts, becoming the owner of the artist and his career."

In turn, FaZe Clan said on Twitter that it had only made $ 60,000 from its partnership with Tenney since April 2018. In the same publication, the team adds that the amount received resulted exclusively from sponsorship deals, with Tenney staying with all the revenue from Fortnite tournaments and your personal Youtube and Twitch channels.

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