Project SETI wants to create music that represents humanity and send it to space – Site of the day

Project SETI wants to create music that represents humanity and send it to space - Site of the day

Developed by artists, the EARTHLING project was presented at the South By Southwest conference and will gather voices and sounds from around the world to create a global composition. Everyone will be able to contribute.

When Voyager's space probes were launched into space in 1977, they carried with them copies of the Golden Record, a compilation of sounds and images intended to represent humanity and to be seen by aliens who came in contact with the probes.

Now artists in the residency program of the SETI Institute, whose mission is to find signs of extraterrestrial life, want to renew the Golden Record concept with a new version, adjusted to the current context.

The EARTHLING Project was presented last week at the South By Southwest conference and aims to create a global music composition that represents the human species. The creators of the idea are Felipe Perez Santiago, composer and resident artist of SETI, Ola Kowalewski, entrepreneur and member of Singularity University, and Rob Baker, musician and software architect, who believe that music is a tool to unite humanity.

The initiative has several phases, the first being the launch of a web platform to collect samples of human voices. The EARTHLING Audio Database is going to be launched this year and it is possible to already sign up to contribute with your voice, and the idea is that each person can transmit the meaning of their cultures, homeland and ancestral roots.

The second phase is the creation of EARTHLING Symphony, a seven-part serial collage that combines database voice samples, space sounds, electronic synthesizer and live music. The goal is for this composition to be premiered at the Allen Telescope Array, the SETI Institute radio observatory.

In the last phase of the project will be created a music application that allows anyone, even without composition knowledge, to pick up on sounds and create pieces with a virtual mixer.

The results of the various phases will be sent to space, as happened with the Golden Record and pretend to be an updated representation of humanity. This release is seen as symbolic and has not yet been disclosed the form or the partnership to do so.

This video shows the project.

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