Project xCloud will support all Xbox One titles via streaming – Computers

Project xCloud will support all Xbox One titles via streaming - Computers

There is a race between different technology giants to offer the ultimate streaming video game service, as close as possible to the Netflix model for the television series. Xbox remains committed to developing Project xCloud, its proposal for streaming gaming. Microsoft has revealed that it will have more than 3,500 video games ready for the service, including backward-compatible Xbox 360 and Xbox titles.

The Redmond Giant explained that when the service boots, all games released for Xbox consoles will be compatible, without the need for the respective producers to make changes to the code. Interestingly, Microsoft notes that any changes or updates that producers make to Xbox One games will automatically apply to xCloud versions.

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Microsoft already has 13 data center regions, focusing primarily on major production hubs in the United States, Europe and Asia, noting that publishers such as Capcom and Paradox Interactive can now start testing their games directly from Project xCloud . According to the manufacturer, the latest version of the Xbox development kit includes streaming support, allowing developers to include multiplayer game hosting on an isolated server to decrease latency or fine tune font sizes by the size of the screen players are on playing.

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