Prolonged alertness due to high temperatures – The Economic Journal

The government has extended the warning statement, effective until the end of Sunday, until 23:59 on Tuesday, the 10th, due to the heat and the risk of fire, according to a statement issued today.

According to a joint ruling by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, the prolongation of the alert situation, activated since midnight on Wednesday, is justified by the “worsening of weather conditions for the whole world”. mainland territory ”, which increases the risk of fire.

The meteorological index of forest fire risk, calculated and made available by the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere, is “high, very high or maximum” in the coming days, says the Government statement, which implies “the need to adopt preventive measures. and reaction specials. ”

The statement of the alert situation determines the immediate activation of the territorial coordination structures institutionally competent (National Operational Coordination Center and district operational coordination centers), says the Executive, referring a redefinition of the deadline for a new assessment of the National Emergency Authority. and Civil Protection (ANEPC).

The order that declared the alert situation, signed on Tuesday, implies exceptional measures, such as “increased readiness and operational response by the GNR and PSP”, with reinforcement of means for surveillance operations, surveillance, patrolling and general support for protective and relief operations that may be triggered, and a total ban on the use of fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices.

These measures also include the dismissal of public and private sector workers cumulatively performing the functions of voluntary firefighter and the permanent mobilization of teams of forest sappers.

It also provides for the prohibition of access, circulation and permanence within the forest spaces, previously defined in the municipal plans for the defense of the forest against fire, as well as in the forest and rural paths.

Burning and burning of leftovers is also prohibited, as well as work in forest spaces, except for those associated with rural firefighting situations.

The government decree determines to ANEPC the issuance of warning to the population about the danger of rural fire and also provides the request to the Air Force to make available air assets to be operational, if necessary, in the Airways Centers to be determined by ANEPC.

GNR is expected to conduct air patrols and surveillance through Air Force means in Special Alert State districts, focusing on signaled locations with a very high and maximum fire risk.

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