Propensity for running ball goals

Propensity for running ball goals

DR- Liga Portugal – Rafael Furtado, 88 ’, sealed the 2-0 triumph of Académica in Arouca, after assistance by Traquina

Briosa has already scored 18 goals in the 2nd League 2020/2021, 14 of which in the sequence of running balls.
After 14 days of the 2nd League, Académica occupies the 2nd position and is in a rising zone. There are already 28 points accumulated by Rui Borges' formation (the leader Estoril has five more), a score based on a solid defense, the least beaten in the competition (eight goals), and an attack that mostly takes place after collective plays.
In the last challenge in Arouca, 2-0 triumph, academics' goals came about that way. Bouldini, 32 ’, gave the best equal to a great pass by Rafael Vieira, and Rafael Furtado, 88’, after Traquina's assistance, secured the victory.
Looking at the 14 rounds, Briosa scored 14 goals in a sequence of running balls. After set-pieces, Rui Borges's team celebrated four times: one in a recharge to a penalty, one from a penalty, one from a direct free kick (Fábio Vianna against FC Porto B) and another after an indirect free kick.
The team has been the greatest strength of the student formation this season, in a team that has the protagonist in forward Bouldini (eight goals in 14 matches).

Ten goals in the last 15 minutes of each half
Regarding the minutes in which the Coimbra team usually scores, there is a nuance that stands out: the last 15 minutes of each part.
Rui Borges's group has already scored five goals in the last 15 minutes of the first half and five goals in the same period of the 2nd half. In other words, 10 of the 18 goals in the competition appeared in the final stretch of each game period. In the initial period of each part, students only celebrated on two occasions. The second moment with the most goals happens between the 16th and 30th minute (three goals). Between the 61-70 minutes, the students scored twice and beyond the 90s they only celebrated on one occasion (Leandro Sanca, in Vizela, scored at 93 ’+).

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