Prosecutor opens inquiry into death of newborn transferred from Algarve – O Jornal Económico

The Public Prosecution Service today ordered the opening of an inquiry into the circumstances of the death of the pregnant woman's newborn who was transferred from the Algarve to the Amadora-Sintra hospital.

“The Public Prosecution Service of the Lisbon West District has decided to open an inquiry”, the Portuguese Attorney General's Office (PGR) replied to Lusa.

A 32-week-old pregnant woman was transferred on Friday, August 2, from Faro Hospital to Amadora-Sintra Hospital, 290 kilometers away, due to lack of incubators on Friday. After undergoing a caesarean section on the morning of Saturday, August 3, the newborn could not resist and eventually died.

According to TVI 24, doctors in Faro considered on Friday that it was necessary to provoke the delivery by preeclampsia, due to complications in pregnancy. However, the only 10 incubators at Faro Hospital were occupied. The baby was born with a poor prognosis. In the Apgar test, which assesses newborn vitality, it had only 1 on a scale of zero to ten.

Hospital source from Amadora-Sintra Hospital assured TVI that the hospital “had ethically advised behavior from the outset and throughout the hospitalization, parents were duly informed of the clinical picture by HFF health professionals and involved in clinical decisions.”

The Ministry of Health said it will not open an inquiry "for now", saying that there is no reason to do so as normal procedures and all appropriate and indispensable health care were followed.

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