Prosecutors will also win more than the prime minister – The Economic Journal

The PS, PCP and CDS-PP approved this Thursday a rule of the new Statute of the Public Prosecutor's Office, which allows magistrates to win more than the prime minister. This confirmation comes after the approval of the new salaries of the judges last May.

The maximum limit for the gross salary of magistrates shall be 90% of the amount equivalent to the sum of the salary and monthly payment for representation expenses of the President of the Republic, equivalent to about 7,500 euros. In addition to the prime minister, magistrates can still earn more than the president of the Assembly of the Republic, whose salary is set at 80% of the head of state.

Although the text related to the new statute was still in the vote two weeks ago in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, it will only be concluded next Monday, July 15, after the Social Democratic Party has asked for the related to the appointment procedure be postponed.

Last week, the bank presented a proposal to change the way of designating several top prosecutors. In this proposal, because the entry begins to be carried out by means of a competition instead of exclusive appointments by the Attorney General or by the Superior Council of the Public Prosecution Service.

The article that allowed to increase the maximum ceiling of the salaries of the magistrates obtained the vote against of the PSD and of the Block of Left, as happened previously in the voting of the judges. These parties have also been unsuccessful in the rule that the compensation allowance is paid in 14 months and is not taxable at the IRS, although it is accounted for for the contribution to Caixa Geral de Aposentações or Social Security.

The compensation allowance is paid to the magistrates to whom a house was to be awarded and is treated as a daily subsistence allowance. It is also intended to "compensate for absolute availability and exclusivity".

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